• Picture a festive celebration, full of children, teenagers and families. 

  • Now add

    • Crazy 

    • Lasers Smoke machine

    • Every song played is family-safe and sung by kids.

Imagine everyone dancing, shouting, jumping and laughing,  wild and crazy, having the time of their lives. Good clean fun! That’s what we provide.

At our dance parties, everyone comes away with a wonderful experience and plenty of lasting memories.

And  the kids  have a total blast!




Put on your dancing Socks and warm up your singing voices for a dance party like no other! Giggles Playland will transform into a Top 40 mini-disco for kids. Dance to the latest pop tunes against a huge backdrop of music videos from the talented Just Dance performers. Take control for your very own moment in the spotlight while our talented host John Pagonis starts the Birthday party right.